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The Song of a Mockingbird

I have the pleasure to have a Northern Mockingbird nest in my backyard garden. The pair has made a nest in a small shrub next to the garden gazebo. I hope to capture progressive photos without disturbing the nest as … Continue reading

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Welcome, Mallard Ducks!

I work at a University in southern Florida and I enjoy taking walks around campus during lunch time. There are several man-made ponds and many species of birds have taken the place to hang out too. Mallard ducks have made … Continue reading

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A Monarch’s Gift

Butterflies are amazing! The sooner the weather warms they become very active mating and spreading their off-springs throughout the wild and into welcoming gardens. I love sitting under the shade of my patio umbrella with a freshly brewed cup of … Continue reading

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For the Love of Orchids

  Enjoy this orchid flower! Although the Orchid tree, also known as the Hong Kong orchid tree, is not too welcome in the landscapes of Florida … I love the tree!  The Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council actually identifies this … Continue reading

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Strawberry Dream

Here I would state … the birth of a scrumptious strawberry.   I love taking photos during morning hours.  I believe it is the true personality of nature! This is the birth and development of a single strawberry.  Don’t you just … Continue reading

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