Welcome, Mallard Ducks!

Mallard Duck

A Mallard Duck in Sunny Florida!

Fabulous Duo

Mallard Ducks enjoying a warm day in Florida

I work at a University in southern Florida and I enjoy taking walks around campus during lunch time. There are several man-made ponds and many species of birds have taken the place to hang out too. Mallard ducks have made themselves very comfortable there and that is fine with me. For the first time, after several attempts, I was able to take some photos a bit closer. I was so happy to capture this pair.

It is amazing how the male Mallard changes its appearance for mating season! Go to the The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and read more about this wonderful creature. Enjoy nature … it is a great gift!

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2 Responses to Welcome, Mallard Ducks!

  1. Rachael says:

    I’m in Alaska…I wish I could see ducks lounging around. And grass. And warmth.

    • Hi Rachel! All the way from Alaska … that is wonderful! I know you have your share of beautiful wildlife and scenery. I have not been to Alaska, but have read articles and seen nature photography. Beautiful!


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